A Buzzing Weekend Trek- Bee Safe!

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A Buzzing Weekend Trek- Bee Safe!

What does one do on weekends? Catches up on sleep? Go shopping? Treat oneself to a dinner? We chose to go on a trek. And it was not just a walking trail: it was about climbing up an eroded patch and ducking under a dry yet slippery waterfall. It was one of Sahyadri’s treasures. Popularly known as Sita’s Cradle, the place is shrouded in the myth of Luv, Kush, and Sita’s exile. And Ajoba gave us another story to tell.

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We, a couple of adventure junkies, left for base camp on a Friday evening and spent the night under a magical sky speckled with twinkling stars. The next morning, after chai and breakfast, we set off on the trek in earnest. The plan was very simple: climb, camp, star gaze. And descend the next morning. But, does life happen the way you plan it? No, it does not, and after the trek all of us could not agree more! unnamed (1)

The initial leg of our adventure went according to the plan. By evening we had set up camp at the summit and watched the setting sun leave orange streaks across the sky. We cooked a simple meal in the open and slept in tiny tents under a sky illuminated by a crescent moon.

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The night belonged to us, everyone in their own trance, leaned on the rocks listening to their favorite music. We didn’t want the magic to end but then, beautiful nights are followed by gorgeous mornings. By 5 am nature – every flower, every leaf, every drop of water, each bird – waited expectantly for the sun to rise. And after it made its grand appearance we were back in our tents wolfing down a simple breakfast of bhel and coffee.


Till now, the story was in sync with our plan. As the day started to heat up we started to make our way down with a few seasoned trekkers leading the way. Suddenly we heard people scream and the trail ahead of us was swarming with bees. Yes, it was a full-scale bee attack. In this chaos, we rallied around each other. Our first job was to help those had suffered the most number of stings and stabilize them. Yes, traveling teaches you how to be strong when you are weak: t teaches you compassion and team spirit.

We divided ourselves into groups of twos and started to descend slowly even as the angry bees persisted in hunting us down. They buzzed around us as we ducked under blankets for cover. In the sweltering heat, we made a painfully slow way down the trail till we finally reached the base village like battle-scarred warriors.

We were 13 unarmed trekkers and they were in the thousands. Of our group only three escaped without being stung; the rest had to deal with swollen faces and dizzy heads.



She is just another 90's kid struggling with her paradoxical attitude. She made peace listening to rock and alternative music, a beer baby at night and a black coffee fan in the morning. She is extremely strong yet too fragile and when she travels, she is secretly learning life.