Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

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Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

The road to Wayanad in north Kerala coils serpent-like up forested mountains streaked with tumbling waterfalls. In the distance, jagged peaks reach out for the soft caress of nomadic clouds. Secreted away in the fertile folds of the hilly district is the back-to-nature Vythiri Resorts, where guests get to stay in tea planters’ cottages… and tree houses.

Perched 50 to 60 ft up in the canopy of the forest, the tree houses of Vythiri Resorts offer guests a unique lost-in-the-embrace-of-nature experience. They are a seamless blend of rustic tribal dwellings fitted with modern facilities. Weather-beaten branches thrust themselves into the room and flex their muscles over beds draped in mosquito nets. Despite the back-to-nature aura, the tree houses come with en suite facilities and lounge chairs on balconies seemingly suspended in space….


These leafy heights offer a bird’s eye view (or should we say a monkey’s perspective) of the dense, untamed tropical forest that drapes the surrounding mountain slopes. Up there, the air is heavy with the rippling laughter of the gurgling brook that skips through the resort, the trill of richly plumed birds, the chatter of insects and the whisper of leaves flirting with the wind…

vythiri village

At night, the moonlit forest is alive with a chorus of insects giving voice to their amorous intent. Before going to sleep, guests must secure their belongings, especially food items, to prevent monkeys, squirrels and birds stealing them. Of course, they are encouraged to take only essentials up into the tree house and leave their bags in a storage area below.

The symphony of bird calls serves as a morning alarm and the forest takes on a fairy tale mantle as it slowly emerges from a blanket of mist.



Things to Do and See

  • Go on a trek through tea, coffee and spice plantations and inhale the heady fragrance of cinnamon, lemon grass, tea and coffee.
  • Then go on another trek, this time bird watching in the company of a naturalist.
  • Plunge into natural pools and feel the gentle caress of the river as it flows around you.
  • Indulge! Treat yourself to an Ayurvedic spa treatment at the resort.
  • Spend long hours in quiet contemplation of nature.
  • Go boating on Pookot Lake, a perennial fresh water lake, whose mirror-still waters field the reflections of the surrounding mountains and forests.
  • Go on a wildlife safari at Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary (55 km away), home to wild animals, big and small.
  • This is plantation country and the right place to stock up on tea, coffee and spices


Getting There

Kozhikode or Calicut (65 km) is the closest airport and railway station to Vythiri Resorts.

For those looking to visit this amazing resort among the trees, your search end’s here!

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Gustasp & Jeroo Irani

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