Travelling becomes convenient with the launch of UberHIRE

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Travelling becomes convenient with the launch of UberHIRE

The world’s largest online cab service company, Uber, has started a new service UberHire that will enable users of the app to hire a taxi for up to 12 hours in a few select cities where this service will be available. Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Pune and Kochi are the cities where this operation will be kick-started initially.

The company’s blog says, “UberHIRE is a new kind of time-based Uber that’s available on-demand, to let you explore and travel around cities knowing that your Uber will wait for you. It’s perfect for travelers exploring a new city, senior citizens who need to make trips punctuated with multiple stopovers, or for business travelers who have multiple meetings – while ensuring it is an economical option for everyone.”

Passengers can book cabs for a maximum of 12 hours with varying start and end times. The hourly fee, distance-wise fee, and minimum fee will vary in different cities. The minimum fare in Mumbai is Rs. 600, and this includes 30 km or 1.5 hours depending on whichever one is less. Besides this, the fee will be Rs. 360 basic, Rs. 2 per minute and Rs. 12 per km(over and above 30 km). This service can be booked in Mumbai between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.

The user will be required to pay the fees in cash upfront (minimum charge) since the service doesn’t work on credit/debit cards or Paytm as of now. The user is not required to pay any extra money for fuel; however, the toll charges will have to be paid in cash to the cab driver.

Using this new feature on Uber is just as simple as booking a normal ride on the app. Open the application on your smartphone and you will see an all new category if you are in any of the select cities the “hire” service is available in. Or else, simply click the UberHIRE card that appears at the bottom of your phone screen and request a ride after setting the pickup location. Seems like traveling around the city is going to get a lot more convenient, with this new move by Uber.



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