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Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

The road to Wayanad in north Kerala coils serpent-like up forested mountains streaked with tumbling waterfalls. In the distance, jagged peaks reach out for the soft caress of nomadic clouds. Secreted away in the fertile folds of the hilly district is the back-to-nature Vythiri Resorts, where guests get to stay in tea planters’ cottages… and […]

Walking through history – A trek to Solapur, Maharashtra

We had earmarked the long 13 – 15 August 12016 weekend to visit the forts of the Solapur – Osmanabad region and also to check out the various facilities available around the area for a full-fledged trip to that area in future. We set out in an Innova on 12 August from Mulund near Mumbai and proceeded towards […]

A Love Affair with the Snow

The cold started creeping in And the breeze was no longer gentle. The sun gracefully hid itself behind the humongous dark clouds that covered most of the sky. I looked up with my eyes wide open at the blue. And absolutely out of nowhere At lightning speed A furry ball of snow Fell right on […]