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Teaching to Learn

Travel does not always have a huge cost added on its tail. Sometimes it takes care of various expenses and it is the easiest way to volunteer while you travel to curb expenses that are indispensable while traveling. I chose teaching English to boarding school kids in Nepal, as my first.   Malpi International School […]

A Heartfelt Effort

Haushala Zimba is called “Godmother” by most kids and some of them call her the “scary woman with hands”. Whatever it is, she has been selflessly helping kids with their dream to study and have a secured future like any one of us. She was first introduced to 14 kids at an orphanage. She was […]

The Creator and the Doer

The Great Swami Nafi and his Golden Invention. -Claron Fidelis Mazarello Parties, dearth cheap alcohol and trance music – this is what defines Goa to most of the people in the country. With travel and leisure becoming an essential aspect in everyone’s life today, this small state in western India is cramped with tourists from […]