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Holi – The Indian Spring Celebration

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and culturally diverse festivals celebrated in India. Celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which comes in February end or early March, Holi has an ancient origin celebrating the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’, bridging social gaps and renewing sweet relationships. On this day, people hug and wish each other […]

Bodalkasa, Kunkeshwar – two new places to explore in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) lists 122 destinations you can explore, visit, holiday in and enjoy. Now get ready to add two more locations to your bucket list. Bodalkasa Little known Bodalksasa, in the Tirora tehsil of Gondia district of the state, will soon open its doors to a new MTDC resort. MTDC has […]

Ashtavinayaka- Follow the deity’s footprints in Maharashtra

As celebrations galore go on for Lord Ganesha, we help you to take a little detour from the festivities in the cities and visit the Ashtavinayaka – the eight Ganeshas located in Maharashtra. The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight holy temples of Ganesha. These places of piety are at Pune, Ahamadnagar and Raigad […]

Japanese village near Ajanta-Ellora to attract tourists from Japan?

The Maharashtra government is planning to set up a Japanese village near the famed Ajanta-Ellora caves near Aurangabad to attract more tourist footfalls from Japan. Special Japanese tours in Maharashtra are also on the anvil. The plans are part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Japan’s Wakayama Prefectural Government (WPG) and the government […]

Govt rushes in to protect Kaas plateau from marauding tourists

Starting 10 August 2016, nature enthusiasts may not find it as easy to descend on Kaas on a leisurely weekend. The Kaas Plateau is a magnet for bird watchers, nature lovers and plain old tourists looking for a different experience. 25 Km away from Satara District H.Q. & 20 Km away from Northern part of […]

How to get High on Food!

Pranaay Pathak, affectionately called PP is the foodie that everybody claims to be. He is the OG of foodies. Cooking since the age of 10, PP has always been the one with ladle and gracefully serving everyone with this infectious smile. The House of Chipotle (THC) was born as a wise plan. In LA for […]