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SPAM: Tracing its journey from a “wartime delicacy” to unwanted emails

The word SPAM brings to your mind those annoying emails selling sildenafil citrate online, deposed Nigerian kings who offer you a part of their fortune for helping ship their money back, and credit card offers. But what if you were told that SPAM was a food item, a “wartime delicacy”? The journey of SPAM from […]

Walking through history – A trek to Solapur, Maharashtra

We had earmarked the long 13 – 15 August 12016 weekend to visit the forts of the Solapur – Osmanabad region and also to check out the various facilities available around the area for a full-fledged trip to that area in future. We set out in an Innova on 12 August from Mulund near Mumbai and proceeded towards […]