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Sao Joao Or The Feast of St John in Goa

A feast day is not about a large celebratory meal as much as it is about an annual religious celebration in honour of a saint. Goan festivals embody the spirit of merriment, food and drink alongwith communal harmony and the Sao Joao isn’t different in that regard. On the day, 24th June, the day of […]

Will Casinos dot coastal towns in India ?

Goa, Sikkim, Daman and Diu. Those are the only places in India you can don your tux and gamble your year’s savings away in an hour in the swanky confines of a casino. No more, if the tourism departments of some states get their way. The Karnataka government, say media reports, has floated the idea […]

Muse in a Home

 Tina Leithner is an Austrian writer who lives in the pristine hills of Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh. Writing professionally for 5 years, she finally lands in Goa after 13 years to finish the project which started here long time ago. Writing has been her passion since childhood, although it needed few different professions to finally […]

Beachy this season!

Beaches in India   What comes to your mind when your think of vacation? Blue skies, tall palm trees, warm white ocean waves and golden sand beaches. This is what truly defines the word vacation. With Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean on the side, The Indian coastline measures a baffling 7,517 […]

The Creator and the Doer

The Great Swami Nafi and his Golden Invention. -Claron Fidelis Mazarello Parties, dearth cheap alcohol and trance music – this is what defines Goa to most of the people in the country. With travel and leisure becoming an essential aspect in everyone’s life today, this small state in western India is cramped with tourists from […]