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Ramzaan Food Walk – There’s more to it than Mohammed Ali Road

With the holy month of Ramzaan almost breathing down upon us, the city’s Muslim quarters gear up for a month of fasting and feasting. During the month that begins with the sighting of the Moon, slotted to be on the 29th of May, the faithful hold a rigorous fast through the day from the break […]

Dishing it Out in Frisco

It had a sprightly rhythm and the restlessness of an ever-crashing ocean. We were at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf where vendors hawked giant crabs from bubbling cauldrons. Haunting aromas wafted from seafood restaurants clustered along this historic waterfront, and impulsively we sampled a seafood cocktail even as the fragrance of freshly baked sourdough bread, another […]

On the Mumbai Parsi food trail

The best part about living in a country like India is the diverse religions and cultures that co exist.  This means we have so many different festivals and always a reason to celebrate. Do we really need to be Muslim in order to celebrate Eid and gorge on some biriyani, Hindu to celebrate Diwali to […]