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Elon Musk picks the Bengaluru-Chennai route for India’s first Hyperloop

The Tesla founder has selected the southern route for the first development of their innovative and superfast mode of transportation. Ever since the discussion began, Hyperloop has become one of most talked about and revolutionary developments in the field of transportation. Things are expected to get more heated as today, a report in Trak.in has indicated […]

New Theme Parks aim to change the Entertainment Landscape of Dubai

DXB entertainments today announced the opening of Riverland Dubai and also the first Legoland Dubai theme park. Both these parks, which took a total of 3 years to develop are looking to offer unique experiences to their patrons and have definitely set the bar high. Legoland Dubai is the 4th such theme park of the […]

10 Best International Destinations Within A Budget

Travelling enriches our minds and souls. Often we want to take a break from the daily humdrum of life and travel to destinations within or outside the country to experience the beauty of nature and see the world around. Nevertheless, when it comes to international travel, the primary thing that comes in between our plan […]