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Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

The road to Wayanad in north Kerala coils serpent-like up forested mountains streaked with tumbling waterfalls. In the distance, jagged peaks reach out for the soft caress of nomadic clouds. Secreted away in the fertile folds of the hilly district is the back-to-nature Vythiri Resorts, where guests get to stay in tea planters’ cottages… and […]

Coorgi Palette

Visiting a new place, eating its local cuisine always gives a better essence. Coorgi cuisine has been raved about by many of my friends and it should definitely be on top of the list when you visit. Food always gives you pleasure that anything else usually fails to provide. The high of a full stomach […]

A tale of coffee and adventure

Coorg had been on our minds for a long time. When the stress of city life finally proved too much, we decided to pack our bags and take off to experience some beautiful weather, dwell amidst coffee plantations and try some palatable local food in Coorg. We reached Madekari early in the morning at 7 […]

Scrumptious Shimla

Imagine the world without good food to satisfy your stomach and good places to gratify your mind. Doesn’t it sound dangerously tormenting? Well, I for one can’t imagine to live in a world like that. My entire day revolves around how do I strategically fit my meal timings to accommodate the most in the tummy. […]