Solo Tripping- an experience of a lifetime

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Solo Tripping- an experience of a lifetime

Everyone should travel solo at least once in his or her lifetime; many of those who have traveled solo have described their first solo trip to be a spiritual experience. Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself and is enlightening in many ways. A solo trip will help you in knowing yourself better and free yourself in ways you never even knew was possible.


Boost your confidence

Traveling alone forces you to make decisions and boosts your confidence tremendously. When you figure out your way around a new city interacting with the locals and relying on no one but yourself, the realization that you are an independent woman sinks in for good. A solo trip changes you as a person and your outlook on life, it helps you recover your self-confidence when you come back to your daily life. You will walk to your own rhythm, be your own master, and learn that being self-reliant is not as hard as you thought it would be.


Meet new people

When you travel alone, say goodbye to your comfort zone because there is not going to be one where you go. Humans are social animals and being alone will force you to interact with people you do not know, sometimes in languages, you do not understand. Traveling alone teaches you the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. You also have meaningful discussions with new people and make some amazing new friends.



Traveling alone does not just boost your confidence and improve your social skills, it also teaches you to take care of yourself. Often on a solo trip, there will be times when you get bored and lonely, at times like these you learn to embrace yourself the way you are. A solo trip is a truly empowering experience where you will learn from your mistakes, learn to adapt and finally learn to love yourself. When you have spent a couple of days stuck in an unknown region with no access to your bank funds you begin to appreciate the little things in life like the sound of running water, a roof to spend the night under, a simple supper whatever it may be.


Make your own schedule- (Free yourself!)

Traveling alone is an indescribable experience, you can read about it in books, watch movies, none of these could ever translate the feeling of absolute freedom you experience when you do a solo trip. You do not have to wait for someone else to get ready, don’t have to change your plans at the last moment because one person got hit by travel sickness. You are free to wake up as you please and explore the world as you wish. You have a world of possibilities waiting to be explored and the only person stopping you is you!





A quiet guy who loves reading and listening to music. Got bitten by the travel bug a while back and yearns to explore as many places as possible. Travel! Before you run out of time.