Size Always Matters

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Size Always Matters

In Manila, eating Filipino food, I was craving for some other cuisine and  my friend took me to Size Matters. I left bewildered and full. A small outlet in Kapitolyo; this place wins accolades on my restaurant chart. I was amazed at the size of their 1/2 lb patty for their Beef-Sausage Burger. Flame Grilled with precision, it is well dressed with fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, dressing and a generous portion of fries, I ate with both hands and enjoyed every bit.


My next order was a full tray of American Pork Ribs served with corn and mashed potato and a tangy barbeque sauce which they claimed to be made with their secret ingredients. I ordered for well done and the meat was evidently slow roasted which succulently melted in the mouth. It can be done rare or medium too depending on your taste buds. The Buffalo wings comes with a blue cheese dip which makes all the flavours burst into your mouth. Smeared with hot sauce, the blue cheese helps in balancing the spices. The Chilli Cheese Fries is a perfect match with beer and an ideal appetizer as you wait for your food, which is not a hindrance because it just makes you relish the food more when it is cooked with so much attention.

The presentation is good as you cannot do much with sloppy food and it is a positive aspect. Roll up your sleeves and dive in. Their ambience is lively and peppy music plays in the background. The service is spotless and the staff helpful. The most interesting part was the size of their sauces. Huge bottles of tobasco, mustard, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise adorn your table already and the size of the menu was extensive too with choices between pork, chicken and beef.

Not to forget the 36 oz house special Iced Tea which is the most rejuvenating drink on a hot sunny day.

The menu also offers lasagne, all day breakfast, steak and a few Filipino dishes but the burgers and the ribs overshadow everything else.  Value for money, indeed!




The sunglasses, the backpack, the ticket, my favorite songs, the journey, the destination, the people, a new dialect, the food, the sights, the lights, the nights, the mountains, the sun sets, the beach, my journal, tea, and a book; this is an assimilation of my time and space. Hailing from a quaint town called Dibrugarh in Assam, it has been imparted on me, that to travel, is to live!