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Aloo Tikkis served hot.

Scrumptious Shimla

Imagine the world without good food to satisfy your stomach and good places to gratify your mind. Doesn’t it sound dangerously tormenting? Well, I for one can’t imagine to live in a world like that. My entire day revolves around how do I strategically fit my meal timings to accommodate the most in the tummy. Out of the seven sins mankind has created, gluttony would bring the end of me.

Well, now that you have a fair idea on how much I love to eat, I’m hoping (read: certainly hoping) that you won’t regret spending five minutes of your life reading how I combined the two loves of my life, travel and food together into a gastronomy journey to Shimla.

Shimla is undoubtedly one of the most popular hill stations in India. Why shouldn’t it be? Easy accessibility, good connectivity, pristine climate, old world charm, breath-taking mountains and beautiful people, it embraces them all. Apart from all things pretty, it also offers quaint and ever charming cafes, mouth-watering street food and a tinge of Tibetan food culture. And if you are going to Shimla to fill your heart by directing happiness towards your tummy, here are the few delectable things you should definitely try –

  • Aloo Tikkis served hot.

    Aloo Tikkis served hot.

    On our first day in Shimla, after hiking all the way till the hostel from the Mall Road, we decided to curb our hunger pangs by hitting it off with street food. From around hundred meters’ distance, the smell of hot aloo tikkis and scintillating spices came flowing right into our noses and we decided to start our food journey with hot aloo tikkis at Rs 30. Crisply fried aloo with the right amount of tangy chutneys made of tamarind and coriander leaves along with a cooked gravy of gram garnished with finely chopped onions and coriander leaves, topped with masala and black salt. It tasted as heavenly as it smelled and was presented.


  • Aloo tikki chat in the making.

    Aloo tikki chat in the making.

    We barely could stop ourselves at eating one aloo tikki so we decided to try a fancier version of them, aloo tikki chat.
     Honestly, we were a bit apprehensive about this one not knowing how aloo tikki would merge with a burger but all our doubts disappeared seeing the appetizing bun served to us, steaming hot. Aloo tikkis and aloo tikki burger, you can choose either of them and you won’t be disappointed. Or better still, choose both.

  • Indian Coffee House in Shimla.

    Indian Coffee House in Shimla.

    We headed towards the quintessential Indian Coffee House at Mall Road and found a perfect corner seat where we could passively participate in people-watching while gorging on food. The place really defies time; worn out leather seats, blackboard menus and uniformed waiters. Packed with chattering locals and inquisitive tourists, this place gives a perfect atmospheric feel.

    People watching at Indian Coffee House

    People watching at Indian Coffee House

    We ordered for paneer pakoras and Mutton Dosa and a cup of coffee to go along with it. The Mutton Dosa was one of its kind. Perfectly cooked mutton kheema layered inside crispy dosa served with chutney. Paneer Pakora wasn’t bad either. The paneer was tender and the pakoras were crunchy and hot. You must definitely visit this archaic place, once when you’re in Shimla.

  • Baljees is another of those iconic restaurants that used to be quite popular in 80s and 90s. It’s USP has to be friendly waiters and value for money. We ordered a plate of chole bhatura that generously filled both our stomachs. Two huge pieces of bhatura with yellow chole and chopped onions at the side. We licked our fingers off in the end. The confectionary counter outside served hot gulab jamuns and there’re few things in the world as satisfying as gorging on warm gulab jamuns while shivering from the cold around.
  • Chicken Hollandaise and Banana Nutella milkshake.

    Chicken Hollandaise and Banana Nutella milkshake.

    If you’re a continental cuisine aficionado lover just like me, you should also visit Wake and Bake, another amongst the popular cafés in town. The moment you walk into this cafe, it will envelope you in its warmth and radiance. Wake and Bake Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of a building at Mall Road and overlooks the busy street of Shimla on one side and the valley on the other. After fiddling a lot with the menu wanting to order everything off the charts, we finally settled for Chicken Hollandaise and Nutella Banana Milkshake. We looked around to see travelers and millennials of Shimla sitting on the wooden benches, reading books, strumming guitars and having conversations.
    Once the food arrived, our faces gleamed in happiness. We ate without speaking a word, barely chewed the food properly with the fear that the other might get a bigger portion meanwhile and licked the cheese off the plate. Nutella Banana milkshake was one of the bests I’ve ever had and trust me, I’ve had enough. The shake was thick and creamy and the banana accurately blended with the nutella. You must try waffles, pancakes and crepes here too.

  • City point bakery and Krishna bakery are must visits if you love the heavenly aroma of baking and enjoy cakes and cookies. The pastries are freshly baked and excellent to taste in City Point. Also, they have a wide variety of cookies right from coconut ones to chocolate chip ones. Chicken momos with cheesy sauce at Krishna bakery along with burgers are must tries.
  • IMG_9999Goofa Ashiana is yet another amazing eatery to chill at. This eclectic restaurant, divided into two (is situated on Shimla’s famous ridge. Run by HPTDC, the restaurant features brilliant reviews of its food that ranges from Indian to Chinese and Continental. It could pose as the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous, made only more delightful by the easy pricing – Rs. 500 for two on an average.


So just pack your bags and hit the roads. Shimla is waiting for you with good food and good life.

Shramona Poddar

Shramona Poddar

She is a lover of dogs, dance and drama. With a fascination for photography; she has a habit of turning her eye-shot into frames all the time. A sucker for good conversations and good humour, she chooses food over dude any day. A believer of serendipity with an itchy feet, she works hard to make her life brighter than sunshine.