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Apt app Memories

Collect memories not things. It may be a little clichéd but true, when one is on a vacation. For memories, which cost nothing, stay with you long after you have lost interest in the things you have purchased.  But memories may start to fade as they are filed away in the recesses of your mind. The best way to keep them fresh is to capture them with a camera and file them in a digital space. However, digital space too can get cluttered if not well organized.

Below are a few apps that will not only help you create a travel album of your vacation but also let you share it with friends and relatives… maybe even your enemies! (Eat your heart out!)  The best part?  They cost nothing.

Photographs reflect your experiences — what drives you, where you’ve been, where you’re going, who you love… Options available in the tech world allow you to keep them safe and accessible.

Things to look out for before you commit your memories to cyber space.

A good photo-hosting service should offer six things:

Space: Enough storage to keep all your photos in one place and add to them over the years… and at a low cost.

Quality: Your photos should be preserved in all their high-res glory, not compressed beyond recognition.

Ease of Use: You need to be able to upload photos easily, and edit them if you wish.

Ease of Access: A hassle-free way of finding photos by date, by tags or by other means.

Ease of Sharing: A good photo site makes sharing photos as easy as taking them, allowing you to post pictures on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

Printability: You or someone else who likes your photo should be able to buy a print or put together a photo album easily. But first: edit out the bad images (blurry ones, duplicate and repetitive images, the irrelevant ones… Not only do they take up space but are a sure way of losing your viewers) and upload only the best. This way you keep your viewer engaged and interested.

If you are looking to create a picture repository for yourself, you can always opt for the privacy option available with all the platforms.


Storage space: 1TB free with additional space upgrade.

A very easy drag-and-drop system allows you to organize albums of your photos as well as those of other photographers. Flickr, at present, gives users 1TB free space and additional space upgrade.  Flickr also offers a great selection of tools, extensive tagging features and support for both viewing and downloading photos at a variety of resolutions (including full original size).


dropbox_mobile_devices-vflUDONPJThe cloud file-sharing service offers support for photos, with its Android and iOS apps automatically uploading photos from mobile devices to the service. You can also upload images from your computer to Dropbox as you would with any other files. Once photos are in the cloud, you can create and share basic slideshows that anybody can access. You can share the files directly with other Dropbox users. You can get initial 2 gb free space which you can extend further by referrals and paid version.


Storage space: Unlimited

It is rapidly growing from small photo sharing app to a global sharing one. Your memories are perfectly displayed and shared with only those who are your followers. At present there are no restrictions on pictures or limits on memory used. You can also keep your account private if you are looking for that option.

Google photos:

All your photos are backed up safely, organized and labelled automatically, so you can find them quickly, and share them how you like. Earlier, however, it did not support one of the most basic features you might expect from a photo app: slideshows. And now it does. Google photos app is seamless with all devices whether it is your Android, Apple or desktop. You can share all your pictures with the people you like through a link or a group of photos or album too.

Storage space: Unlimited





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