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Have you visited these beautiful mosques in India yet?

A mosque is consigning of adoration for clique of Islam. Spacious, mysterious, and above all highly auspicious, mosques in India are mostly open to common people (except prayer time) and generate a soothing feel among visitors. On this auspicious day of Eid-Ul-Fitr, we bring to you a list of six beautiful lesser known mosques all […]

Planning Rio? Here’s the travel advisory for Indians

The Rio Olympics are but a  month away, and if you have planned a trip to Brazil, here’s some important news for you. The Indian government has readied itself for the slew of tourists who may be descending on the country by August 2016. With the Zika virus, unrest, and water pollution problems plaguing the […]

Us and them –survey shows how differently rural and urban India travels

  We always knew it, but this NSSO survey makes it official. Urban India travels more for pleasure and rural India takes its travel more seriously. The recently released data from the government commissioned survey probably tells us what we knew all along. For starters, travellers from rural India mostly stay with friends and relatives […]

Home Is Where The Heart is

  Hanna Lindberg is from Sweden and speaks English with an Indian accent. Living in the islands of Andamans and Nicobar, she fell in love with the blue water-white sand haven five years ago and the saga continues. A diver now, she used to be a kindergarten teacher. On her first visit to India, she […]

10 Picturesque Countries that give Visa on arrival

Planning is often overrated. Random, spontaneous trips leave you with hilarious stories and best memories. Planning international trips are a hassle sometimes, mostly because of the strenuous process of receiving a Visa. It requires months of planning, never-ending queues, long lists of documents, endless queries and finally a long wait for your visa to arrive. […]

Teaching to Learn

Travel does not always have a huge cost added on its tail. Sometimes it takes care of various expenses and it is the easiest way to volunteer while you travel to curb expenses that are indispensable while traveling. I chose teaching English to boarding school kids in Nepal, as my first.   Malpi International School […]

Size Always Matters

In Manila, eating Filipino food, I was craving for some other cuisine and  my friend took me to Size Matters. I left bewildered and full. A small outlet in Kapitolyo; this place wins accolades on my restaurant chart. I was amazed at the size of their 1/2 lb patty for their Beef-Sausage Burger. Flame Grilled […]

Sands of the Sulu Sea

Traveling to new places is on everybody’s wish list.  The idea of exploring gives me goose bumps and to know a place because your friends have been living there for quite some time has a different effect altogether.The Philippines was a part of a big plan. We would go Thailand and then fly to Manila. […]

How to get High on Food!

Pranaay Pathak, affectionately called PP is the foodie that everybody claims to be. He is the OG of foodies. Cooking since the age of 10, PP has always been the one with ladle and gracefully serving everyone with this infectious smile. The House of Chipotle (THC) was born as a wise plan. In LA for […]

A Love Affair with the Snow

The cold started creeping in And the breeze was no longer gentle. The sun gracefully hid itself behind the humongous dark clouds that covered most of the sky. I looked up with my eyes wide open at the blue. And absolutely out of nowhere At lightning speed A furry ball of snow Fell right on […]

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