Now Buy your own Railway Coach and Convert it into your Private Paradise

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Railway Coach Restaurant

Now Buy your own Railway Coach and Convert it into your Private Paradise

People from the present and bygone eras have always fancied trains and railways ever since they were invented. Even today, there is high demand for long distance trains to unexplored destinations across the length and breadth of the country. There’s something about sitting in a railway coach and travelling long distances to unknown destinations that has always attracted travelers of all ages and walks of the society.

And for those whom even traveling  by train is not enough to satiate their wanderlust for trains, there’s now hope. Now you can buy your own Indian Railway Coach and customize it how you would have always wanted! The North Eastern Railways’ Lucknow division has announced that they shall be auctioning 6 twelve rake metre-gauge trains plying on the Aishbagh-Mailani Section. The authorities will first ask the Western Railways if they need these trains, then ask the manufacturing units if there are any parts from the railway coaches that can be recycled. If both of the above attempts draw a zero, the trains will be eventually sold as scrap to dealers by auction. While the time period for this may be long, it will definitely be worth it. Also, in addition to the ones above, some of the ICF coaches too shall be auctioned as ‘condemned coaches.’

What’s more, the price of the last metre-gauge railway coach sold was a measly 1,10,000 about 3 decades back. Prices are determined  based on how much iron the train contains.

Now you can make a railway coach your home

Railway Coach HomeSource

Or maybe a Restaurant

Railway Coach RestaurantSource

Perhaps a Railway Coach Bookstore?

Railway Coach BookstoreSource

A Hotel

Railway Coach HotelSource

or even a Railway Coach Museum

Railway Coach MuseumSource

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!



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