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King Singer Diana

-Claron Fidelis Mazarello

As you transit from one airport to the other and clear immigrations and complete all formalities, you can’t wait to reach your hotel or the beach cottage that you have ardently booked sitting for hours on the internet and then you set off. “It is the journey, not the destination” sits perfectly fine here. The people that you meet on your journey are sometimes twice as interesting as the place itself.

Every issue, we will speak about one such person that made the POV of the place that was familiar till yesterday into a different vantage point altogether.
Her first notable experience has been in a song by the late Notorious B.I.G. called ‘Respect’ in 1994, in his album titled, ‘Ready to Die’. The nineties in any case has been defined by music journalists in various music documentaries as an era of great music with many artists spreading over many genres of music as well. In India for instance, recollections of classifications by MTV when they first came on Indian small screens with separate shows for different genres of music from classic MTV to Headbangers Ball and others did bring us closer to music from the western world. During those very days and from those very artists from this decade in concern is Diana King, then popular for her song called, ‘Shy Guy’. Apparently not only did this single make it to the soundtrack of the Hollywood Film Bad Boys, but it also showed much promise in the music charts.

Diana King_T001 She hails from the land of the late music legend Bob Marley, an artist whose music will never die. However, already with 5 albums released, she was only recently in town, in India, touring till she anchored in Goa for her last show. ‘This is my third visit to India,’ mentions this girl named King. Apparently she was also in India, moreover in Goa during the late nineties when she even stayed by herself and feels it was one of her best vacations here. And her real name is indeed King. How cool is that.

‘And it is a feeling of being blessed when someone you consider a role model actually acknowledges your work,’ we get an insight from the Indian act that featured alongside Diana this India tour, called, ‘King Jassim.’ In fact, not only did she acknowledge his work but she actually even went ahead and collaborated with him. For someone who wanted to simply take her interview on his radio show and thus the connection, how cool is that. ‘Yes, the interview never happened though,’ smiles Jassim recalling the real reason for him getting in touch with King.

Her modern cover version of a Dionne Warwick song from 1967 called, ‘I say a little prayer for You’ in Diana King’s second album then received much recognition in the soundtrack of the Hollywood Julia Roberts starrer, ‘My best friend’s wedding’ sometime around 1997.

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But after her third album Respect in 2002 and Warrior Gurl in 2010, Diana King made a commendable bold move in the year 2012, when she released her fifth album titled, ‘AgirlnaMeKING’. That year, her official Facebook page read, ‘Yes, I am a lesbian’. While she must have broken a few hearts many speculated why she decided to go public with this part of her life at that point in time specifically. But her answers were too genuine to lay aside.

Her wisdom allows her to believe that when one is an artist, one is also a role model for many others. As such what one does personally also effects the world. Showing signs of mature responsibility, Diana however goes on to explain that it is indeed important to love oneself, regardless of what societz dictates, with the background that the LGBT  communitz are not yet given the required respect bz many countries and laws including Jamaica. ‘I am originally a shy and introvert person. But after much thought, I realized that I did not care about what may happen negatively. And it was still very important to live an honest life. Ultimately, it is never a bad thing to be true and stand up for one’s human rights,’ she expresses, thus revealing that when she took the opportunity no sooner than when she felt her moment of courage.

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And this disposition did her more good than bad, going by the positive feedback she got for going public with her sexuality. ‘This is how change occurs in general. Humans of all types deserve the same rights, oppurtunity and protection, especially when one just wants to live one’s life authentically, without encroaching on another’s or hurting anyone else. This is only fair. Hence there are laws that need to change to protect the LGBT community,’ concludes her logic as she endorses her viewpoint on the LGBT community at large given that it was her own truth that set her free as a person. Truly, in her own words, there is indeed no freedom like truth.

**12642467_10207474563216081_3035933240101907577_nClaron Fidelis Mazarello is a journalist and lives in Goa. He writes and introspects on issues that are bigger than the problems that the media shows us. Currently on his seventeenth year following art,culture and entertainment and tradition in Goa, he often writes when the people he meets inspires him.



The sunglasses, the backpack, the ticket, my favorite songs, the journey, the destination, the people, a new dialect, the food, the sights, the lights, the nights, the mountains, the sun sets, the beach, my journal, tea, and a book; this is an assimilation of my time and space. Hailing from a quaint town called Dibrugarh in Assam, it has been imparted on me, that to travel, is to live!