Idyllic Iceland beckons the intrepid traveller

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Idyllic Iceland beckons the intrepid traveller

Iceland, though a modern country, has evidence of its past times with their rich cultural heritage lurking around and these are much visible everywhere you look.
As far as geographical statistics are considered, Iceland happens to be the youngest country in the world, formed about 25 million years ago and is the second largest island in Europe. As a country though it’s full of contrapositions. Iceland is even popularly known as ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’. Truthfully it is like no other place on earth.

Isolation and extreme nature have shaped Icelandic culture through the years. Iceland is home to some of the most active volcanoes and at the same time it is home to some of the largest glaciers. Being the land of light and darkness that it is, there are long summer days with nearly 24 hours of sunshine which are offset by short winter days with only a few hours of daylight. When travelling in Iceland, you should definitely bring along light weight woolens, a sweater/ cardigan, rainproof or weatherproof coat, sturdy walking shoes. Also for travelers  camping or heading into the interior will need warm underwear and socks, rubber boots and a warm sleeping bag.


Iceland is full of natural wonders which guarantee vivid experiences. This is a place that has plenty to see and do. Reykjavik is the capital which has colorful quirky buildings, stunning designs and creative people. It might be a small place  but it has heaps to offer. An experience that you can’t just miss while you are here is, The Blue Lagoon. It is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions, a natural geothermal pool in the middle of a large and dramatic lava field and an oasis that owes its existence to the nearby geothermal power plant, looming large over the aqua tinted waters.


Another unique experience will have to be horseback riding. Icelandic horses have been carefully bred for thousands of years into a style that you pretty much don’t see anywhere else in the world.  Icelanders are a bit privileged when it comes to the Northern Lights since they are visible nearly eight months a year. Witnessing this aurora activity really depends on your luck with the weather but nonetheless will be an experience of a lifetime.

Once you experience Iceland, you will forever be left smitten and amazed.

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