How to get High on Food!

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How to get High on Food!

Pranaay Pathak, affectionately called PP is the foodie that everybody claims to be. He is the OG of foodies. Cooking since the age of 10, PP has always been the one with ladle and gracefully serving everyone with this infectious smile.

PP in Malibu,USA

PP in Malibu,USA

The House of Chipotle (THC) was born as a wise plan. In LA for a short stint, he juggled with the idea of a food truck and went there to research thoroughly. While this extensive stay, the Chipotle sauce caught his attention and stirred his taste buds so much so that his belief made him brainstorm on that and bring it to India to start THC. The sauce would undergo alterations suiting the Indian palette.

Located in Hill Road, the outlet is simple and not in a hurry to show off with its lights and pinterest décor. PP’s confidence and brilliant recipes is already winning hearts and his second outlet opens in Oshiwara by May 9th . It has been just six months since they first opened their doors on 27th November 2015 with Siddhant Thakur, Tanveer Abdi and recently onboard Nicolas Tyson.

The menu is uncomplicated. Nachos, Grilled Panini, Burgers and the overtly delicious Chipotle Rice Bowl is what they serve. The Chipotle Rice Bowl has 11 ingredients and they are all put in synchronization to perfection. The trick is to scoop the spoon till the end and rise up with a spoon of scrumptious layers made of corn salsa, refried beans, coriander lime rice, avocado, red pepper, cheese, Guacamole and pico de gella.

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Having almost as high as 95% of customer satisfaction, PP is positive of his dream and bringing foodies on the same page. With the idea of propagating healthy eating, he sees Chipotle rice as a substitute for the usual spicy and heavy rice dishes we have in India. Chipotle rice is filled with proteins and he uses it generously with every bite. Chipotle is “smoked jalapenos” and the way it is marinated with the proteins is a thing of pleasure and a way to experience best is with the chipotle sauce.

A new menu and a new location, PP’s vision is taking a beautiful shape and we can’t be happier to be able to be closer to THC.

Photo Credits- Deepesh Agarwal

Address: Shop 2, Mohammadi House, Saint Martin Road, Hill Road, Bandra West
Phone- 9920826572, 022 33126829

4, Central Excise Officer Quarters, Plot no H 34, MHADA, opposite Meera Towers, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari (West)
Phone- 9920826572, 9321782491

Follow them on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/THCrestaurantIndia/?fref=ts



The sunglasses, the backpack, the ticket, my favorite songs, the journey, the destination, the people, a new dialect, the food, the sights, the lights, the nights, the mountains, the sun sets, the beach, my journal, tea, and a book; this is an assimilation of my time and space. Hailing from a quaint town called Dibrugarh in Assam, it has been imparted on me, that to travel, is to live!