Guide on what to pack for every female backpacker

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Guide on what to pack for every female backpacker

It is pretty much an established fact that packing is a mundane task, ideally pushed to the eleventh hour when it simply can’t be ignored any more.

Packing for a trip is hard as it is but when you throw packing for a backpacking trip in the mix, it just gets harder. Worry not, we are here to help you figure all of it out. The one interesting thing that travel teaches you is that it is an opportunity by itself to simplify your life and be free of unnecessary material things.

So, out go the fancy heels and superfluous silk scarf that won’t walk the crooked stile or hold that wayward lock in place. Here’s a list that pretty much covers the basics and is a must for every female backpacker on the go.


  • A pair of walking shoes and a pair of flip flops (There is likely going to be a lot of walking and you need to always be comfortable)
  • A pair of Sunglasses and a Sunhat (Savior for when the sun chooses to shine brightly)
  • One travel towel (always handy)
  • One large scarf (to cover your head and shoulders when visiting any religious place or just when the sunscreen ceases to work)
  • A small umbrella (will be of help in case of random rain showers)
  • A small makeup bag (with just basic make up stuff)
  • A first kit aid (Do not forget this one)
  • A small laundry bag and laundry powder in a zip lock (this is overlooked but is of crucial importance if you want to pack light)


Well as far as clothing items are concerned be sure to make a mental checklist of just how many outfits you will need and carry as less as possible (because there’s always the option of laundry) but of course just about enough as well. Also always check the weather of wherever you are going and carry clothes accordingly. Some of the clothing items you must carry are


  • A pair of dark jeans
  • Basic tanks and tees
  • Gym shorts and a top (in case of treks and hikes)
  • 2 day dresses
  • An evening dress and a light weight romper (Because you can’t just carry backpacking clothes, need to dress nice as well sometimes)


Packing light doesn’t mean you can’t keep it stylish. Happy travels!




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