Demonetization: MEA sets up Panel to look into Tourists’ Currency Concerns

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Demonetization: MEA sets up Panel to look into Tourists’ Currency Concerns

Recent news coming in from various sources suggest that the Indian Government has set up a committee to specifically look into the concerns of foreign tourists and also those on international missions here in India with respect to the Demonetization. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday has confirmed. Many foreign missions had requested the MEA to intervene and facilitate a smooth collection of fees for consular and visa requirements. In addition to that, they had also sought access to money exchange associations and more fund. foreign tourists visiting India too have expressed concerns and difficulties about the same. Incidentally, there was also a video that had gone viral on Facebook about a visibly worried foreign tourist who did not have change to pay her baggage fees.

Vikas Swarup, Spokesperson for the MEA said, “The Department of Economic Affairs has now formed an inter-ministerial committee headed at the level of an additional secretary to. A senior joint secretary from the MEA is also a member of that committee and we await their guidance, their advice and their recommendation which can then be shared with those various categories who have approached u regarding demonetization.” On the concerns of foreign missions, he added, “Some (foreign missions here) have wanted to know if they could collect consular and visa fees in old notes. If so collected, they have sought to know how will those be exchanged.”

Committee will also look into NRI and Money Changer Concerns:

This committee will also look into the concerns of Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) who have 500 and 1000 rupee notes abroad. In addition to the above, it will also look to address the money changers abroad.

Recent reports also suggest that the MEA was asked to address very specific questions by not only tourists here for leisure but also those here for medical purposes with respect to demonetization and currency exchange to new notes. (Source: TOI)


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