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Delectable Dubai

Dubai is a bustling metropolis tranquilly shared by cultures from all corners of the world. This diversity expresses itself in the culinary landscape, fashion, music and performance. Although rooted in Islamic tradition, this is an open society where it’s easy for newcomers and visitors to connect with myriad experiences, be it eating like a Bedouin, dancing on the beach, shopping for local art or riding a camel in the desert.

Source: https://fortytravels.com

Source: https://fortytravels.com

One of the world’s most exciting dining destinations, it is a sprawling city with unmatched multicultural cuisine. There is not just one style of food in Dubai. Here you can get any style of food you desire. The main restaurants in the region take inspiration from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. That means that you can try everything from Indian to North Korean food in the area.

Camel burger Source: http://aht.seriouseats.com/

Dubai’s popular Camel burger
Source: http://aht.seriouseats.com/

The desert mammal, Camel is renowned as a healthy alternative for carnivores, being rich in vitamin C and light on calories. Many Emirati dishes include camel as one of their main ingredients. You can try stuffed camel, which is a famous dish in the area. A chef stuffs a whole camel with herbs and spices and then roasts the meat for a meal that’s rich and tender. It is also quite inexpensive as camels are available in abundance in Dubai, so if you want to go easy on your pockets, you should definitely go for it.

Dubai also offers scrumptious street food. The city is known to have a lavish lifestyle with extravagant restaurant prices for the exuberant décor, ambience and service they provide. Hence, if you’re looking forward to low-priced but tasty option, you must experiment with street food.

Variety of Shawarma. Source: http://static.gulfnews.com/

Variety of Shawarma.
Source: http://static.gulfnews.com/

If you’re a Shawarma lover, you’ll be the happiest in Dubai. Shawarma is one of the most authentic Emirati dishes I Dubai. You will get different variety of Shawarma with a wide option in meat and sauces. Automatic and Jedoudna are the two best Lebanese joints in the city serving most delicious Shawarma. You can also try it from Beirut, Al Mallah and Shawarmanji.



Comfort food at its most rib-sticking, justice is done to Egyptian favourite at Al Ammor. The vegetarian version of the baked noodle, chickpea and lentil dish comes with a tray of condiments to customize to your liking – a dab of chilli, a drizzle of nostril-twitching vinegar and a handful of deep-fried crispy onions hits the spot.

Hamour and Sheri fry at Bu Qtair are must tries.  This is perhaps the only restaurant in Dubai that hasn’t changed over the years despite its soaring popularity and its enormous media publicity in recent times. The charm of Bu Qtair lies in the contradiction in its location – the sudden discovery of a modest porta cabin selling fried fresh fish on the beach, with the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab acting as the unusual backdrop.

Halohalo at Chowking. Source: http://scontent-b.cdninstagram.com/

Halohalo at Chowking.
Source: http://scontent-b.cdninstagram.com/

For sweets, you must definitely go for Kunafa at Feras and Halohalo at Chowking. Pavlova at Bushman’s and Churros at Taquado are one of the bests as well.

Next time you’re in Dubai, you know where to go to satiate your taste buds.


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