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Around The Moon in 7 Days!

Space X the US based rocket company just might become the first to send travelers on a leisure flight which will go around the moon, skimming the lunar surface and back to Earth by the end of 2018. The company has announced that a couple approached them with the idea of a week long cruise. […]

Fast Track into a Traveler’s Wallet

Travelers might have to spend more as the Indian Railways are considering the option of increasing rail fares to raise resources for a special safety fund, according to a news report by PTI. A safety cess will be levied which will be used for upgrading and strengthening the entire railroad infrastructure to prevent mishaps. The […]

World’s Longest Rail Tunnel to be Inaugurated in Switzerland

SWITZERLAND: The new Gotthard Base tunnel through the Swiss Alps, the world’s longest rail tunnel will be inaugurated on the 11th of December 2016. Linking Erstfeld in North Alps to the southern portal of Bodio, the tunnel took a total of 17 years to construct. The total length of the tunnel is 57 km and […]

New Theme Parks aim to change the Entertainment Landscape of Dubai

DXB entertainments today announced the opening of Riverland Dubai and also the first Legoland Dubai theme park. Both these parks, which took a total of 3 years to develop are looking to offer unique experiences to their patrons and have definitely set the bar high. Legoland Dubai is the 4th such theme park of the […]

Be warned! Countries advise citizens on US travel

Gun violence in the US is no longer a home issue. Countries around the world are sensitising their citizens travelling to the US about the rising incidence of shootouts and gun crimes and have been issuing travel advisories. India, which sends over million tourists to the US of A every year, has not officially intimated […]