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Roadtripping from Delhi to Ladakh, now within budget

Fancy a summer vacation in Leh? Having a shoe-string budget or difficulties in coordinating with your bike gang? Ditch all the worry and prepare yourself for a non-stop 33-hour bus journey through mountain passes. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC)  started its summer bus service to and fro bus service between Delhi-Leh via Manali. Started […]

Govt rushes in to protect Kaas plateau from marauding tourists

Starting 10 August 2016, nature enthusiasts may not find it as easy to descend on Kaas on a leisurely weekend. The Kaas Plateau is a magnet for bird watchers, nature lovers and plain old tourists looking for a different experience. 25 Km away from Satara District H.Q. & 20 Km away from Northern part of […]

Planning Rio? Here’s the travel advisory for Indians

The Rio Olympics are but a  month away, and if you have planned a trip to Brazil, here’s some important news for you. The Indian government has readied itself for the slew of tourists who may be descending on the country by August 2016. With the Zika virus, unrest, and water pollution problems plaguing the […]

Us and them –survey shows how differently rural and urban India travels

  We always knew it, but this NSSO survey makes it official. Urban India travels more for pleasure and rural India takes its travel more seriously. The recently released data from the government commissioned survey probably tells us what we knew all along. For starters, travellers from rural India mostly stay with friends and relatives […]

Bond, Potter inspire Indians to travel to the UK

The first ever ‘travel habit survey’ by British Airways for travellers from India is out. Brexit should probably make things even better for travelling Indians – 20 per cent of the respondents chose London as their number one destination in Europe for a holiday. The first, of course, was Paris, chosen by 24 per cent […]

Brexit offers no holiday cheer for Brit travellers

Brexit bodes bad news for the British on the travel front as well. The weaker pound will enable the rest of the world to get more pounds for its euros, dollars, yen etc. For the rest of the world, the UK will become a cheaper destination to visit. The annual peak travel season is about […]

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