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On the road – Tour de France 2017

The Tour de France is the cycling world’s premier, most sought after race. The purpose of Tour de France was simple, to make men supermen. The longer the course, the harder the race, the more public interest it would generate. The greater the public interest, the greater sensation it would be for the press. That […]

The legend behind the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Legends as they happen to be, are events glorified into proportions larger than life and nature. The Duanwu Festival, known to the English speaking world as the Dragon Boat Festival is one of many such events which were inspired by a true life incident. The Duanwu as it so happens, has more than one account […]

Run for the cheese – Gloucester Cheese Rolling festival

Cheese, a nutritious food made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, camel, buffalo, reindeer and yaks doesn’t require much introduction. There exist as of today, 1778 different varieties of cheese across 74 countries and if your supermarket were to store them all, it would probably become a supermarket for cheese! And yet how many […]

Ramzaan Food Walk – There’s more to it than Mohammed Ali Road

With the holy month of Ramzaan almost breathing down upon us, the city’s Muslim quarters gear up for a month of fasting and feasting. During the month that begins with the sighting of the Moon, slotted to be on the 29th of May, the faithful hold a rigorous fast through the day from the break […]

Cannes 2017 – Places to visit this summer

The Festival De Cannes scarcely requires any introduction. With the 70th annual season beginning today, 17th May; do not expect to find access to Cannes unless you have a special invitation. But what you most certainly can do is visit these enchanting destinations basking under the sun of the French Riviera. In an enchanting setting […]

Naghol Land Diving and the origins of bungee jumping

The world’s first ever bungee jump was made in Britain in 1979. Three adventurers, David Kirke, Geoff Tabin and Simon Keeling, members of the Dangerous Sports Club took the plunge from the 250 foot high Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The idea behind this “leap of faith” was inspired by more ancient roots; a “vine […]

Thailand’s Full Moon Parties

Picture yourself on a beach on a moonlit night. The cool surf washes your feet as you gaze at the moon. Now add for good measure some soft white sand, pulsing music, and a few hundred party enthusiasts such as yourself. You have arrived at Thailand’s most hip and happening beach parties. The full moon […]

The power of film & New York’s Tribeca Film Festival

New York has been a city of tribes, cultures, and nationalities and together they have made the city what it is. This seamless communal way of life was shocked and stunned on 11th September 2001 with the devastating attack on the World Trade Center. The smouldering rubble that was the communal sentiment had yet to […]

Groove for a cause at the Kasauli Rhythm n Blues festival

Kasauli, a quaint hill station in Himachal Pradesh, south west of Shimla is usually quiet for most parts of the year until April. That’s when the sublime hill station begins to resound with crooning of talented voices, the splash of cymbals and the sound of deep guitar riffs. Founder trustees Prema and Jyoti Sagar turned […]

Malaysia announces free e-visas for Indian travellers

Malaysia is a unique travel experience that is much different from its neighbors. Every year many Indians visit Malaysia to experience its serene beauty and rich culture. Malaysia has a ton of stuff to offer travelers and the latest thing it’s offering to all the Indian tourists is free e-visas.     “You can now apply […]

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