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Cycling for Peace

We often meet interesting people when we travel, but sometimes it so happens that we meet the most interesting people right in our own city. I had one such interesting encounter not too long ago during one of the many events that keep happening in and around the city. It was a travel event organised […]

A Love Affair with the Snow

The cold started creeping in And the breeze was no longer gentle. The sun gracefully hid itself behind the humongous dark clouds that covered most of the sky. I looked up with my eyes wide open at the blue. And absolutely out of nowhere At lightning speed A furry ball of snow Fell right on […]

Mcleodganj – Where India meets Tibet

Mcleodganj, where India meets Tibet. Prayer flags and prayer wheels, steaming momos and delicious thukpas, maroon cladded monks and beautiful monasteries, prayer chants and singing bowls –  Mcleodganj is India’s version of Kathmandu. It is a suburb of Dharamsala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It was named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod, a Lieutenant […]

Crocheting All the Way

Travel is a teacher. It is a teacher of thoughts to the spectator and the learning never ends. To be able to create an impression isn’t an easy job and to do that as a job because creating awareness is a job as grave as the second most random job you come across. Meet Olek. […]

Traveling starts at Home

Gregory Allya Warjri is a mountain biker and the co-founder of NOMADS SHILLONG. He is the boy from Meghalaya who is exploring his state in all its entirety. What started as a biking trip to Lum Sophet Bneng, a mountain in Northern Shillong known for its tricky curves has ended up into an unending love […]

Uprise of an Idea

Noemi Litrico is from Turin in Italy. Art has inspired her while traveling and finding art in various ways and forms has always fascinated her, especially when it is trash/garbage to the normal eye. GUM is Grown-Upcycled-Material and was born in 2006. In Italy, Noe once got access to a large amount of useless tyre […]

Discard This!

The world is a breathtakingly beautiful place and you see it more and more as you travel. The prettiest trees, the nicest highways, the blindest curves, the infinite horizon, you see it all. The best of it all is the settlements that lie on the highways and observing their life by the road could give […]

From the Sky to the Sea

He is a pilot. He is a hiker. He is a camper. He is also a doting friend who travels far and wide to make memories with people he connects with. He doesn’t even have any qualms when he discovers a place and the opportunity arises and he has to visit alone. He buys himself […]

Style and Comfort go hand in hand

Dai San is from Japan and has been travelling since 1996. It was then when Dai and his wife Megu were traveling in Africa and a chance evening on the dunes in the Namibian Desert, they decided to name their budding project of clothesline designed by both of them as Dune Wear. Sixteen years later, […]

Be a Conscious Traveler

  The sense of home away from home is a feeling only coherent to travelers. They find solace and peace at places that might sound strange to a layman. When I say layman, I mean tourists. These tourists are people who come in groups and hijack both the space and solace. Now, these are the […]

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