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A Day in Mumbai

Pravin Subramanian is a hobby photographer who likes to find interesting compositions in the mundane. Here, is a Photo Essay of a typical day in Mumbai, the city of dreams, the financial hub of the country. Compilation from various locations !       Manori Island can be reached from Marve Beach near Malad or […]

Beachy this season!

Beaches in India   What comes to your mind when your think of vacation? Blue skies, tall palm trees, warm white ocean waves and golden sand beaches. This is what truly defines the word vacation. With Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean on the side, The Indian coastline measures a baffling 7,517 […]

From the Sky to the Sea

He is a pilot. He is a hiker. He is a camper. He is also a doting friend who travels far and wide to make memories with people he connects with. He doesn’t even have any qualms when he discovers a place and the opportunity arises and he has to visit alone. He buys himself […]

Style and Comfort go hand in hand

Dai San is from Japan and has been travelling since 1996. It was then when Dai and his wife Megu were traveling in Africa and a chance evening on the dunes in the Namibian Desert, they decided to name their budding project of clothesline designed by both of them as Dune Wear. Sixteen years later, […]

Be a Conscious Traveler

  The sense of home away from home is a feeling only coherent to travelers. They find solace and peace at places that might sound strange to a layman. When I say layman, I mean tourists. These tourists are people who come in groups and hijack both the space and solace. Now, these are the […]

Benaras – All you need to know

Banaras or Varanasi is a holy city and the cultural capital of the whole of India with the focal point being the River Ganges. Although the city has undergone several incarnations and name changes, it has been at the heart of the Hindu religion for centuries and is believed to be an auspicious place to […]

King Singer Diana

-Claron Fidelis Mazarello As you transit from one airport to the other and clear immigrations and complete all formalities, you can’t wait to reach your hotel or the beach cottage that you have ardently booked sitting for hours on the internet and then you set off. “It is the journey, not the destination” sits perfectly […]

The Creator and the Doer

The Great Swami Nafi and his Golden Invention. -Claron Fidelis Mazarello Parties, dearth cheap alcohol and trance music – this is what defines Goa to most of the people in the country. With travel and leisure becoming an essential aspect in everyone’s life today, this small state in western India is cramped with tourists from […]

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