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Idyllic Iceland beckons the intrepid traveller

Iceland, though a modern country, has evidence of its past times with their rich cultural heritage lurking around and these are much visible everywhere you look. As far as geographical statistics are considered, Iceland happens to be the youngest country in the world, formed about 25 million years ago and is the second largest island […]

Bodalkasa, Kunkeshwar – two new places to explore in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) lists 122 destinations you can explore, visit, holiday in and enjoy. Now get ready to add two more locations to your bucket list. Bodalkasa Little known Bodalksasa, in the Tirora tehsil of Gondia district of the state, will soon open its doors to a new MTDC resort. MTDC has […]

Guide on what to pack for every female backpacker

It is pretty much an established fact that packing is a mundane task, ideally pushed to the eleventh hour when it simply can’t be ignored any more. Packing for a trip is hard as it is but when you throw packing for a backpacking trip in the mix, it just gets harder. Worry not, we […]

Feast on music, culture, food at Hornbill Festival 2016

There’s precious little we know about that enigmatic part of India’s geography we collectively club under the term ‘north east’. There is a wealth of culture, music, food and nature waiting to be explored in the land of the Seven Sisters, the seven states that make up the region. And what better way to immerse […]

Ashtavinayaka- Follow the deity’s footprints in Maharashtra

As celebrations galore go on for Lord Ganesha, we help you to take a little detour from the festivities in the cities and visit the Ashtavinayaka – the eight Ganeshas located in Maharashtra. The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight holy temples of Ganesha. These places of piety are at Pune, Ahamadnagar and Raigad […]

And the mountains echoed

Books and travel make a heady combination. If a literary festival is thrown into the mix, it can get headier still. Mountain Echoes is an annual literary festival held in Thimpu, Bhutan organized by the India- Bhutan foundation. Started seven years ago, it aims to render a scaffold for the greatest literary minds to engage […]

Take a look at the world’s largest hotels

A hotel is definitely just more than a place of accommodation for tourists and travelers. To put things into perspective, there are hotels around the world that are like mini cities by themselves. Listed below are the top 10 largest hotels by room count around the world. 1.First World Hotel Located in Genting Highlands, a […]

Japanese village near Ajanta-Ellora to attract tourists from Japan?

The Maharashtra government is planning to set up a Japanese village near the famed Ajanta-Ellora caves near Aurangabad to attract more tourist footfalls from Japan. Special Japanese tours in Maharashtra are also on the anvil. The plans are part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Japan’s Wakayama Prefectural Government (WPG) and the government […]

Roadtripping from Delhi to Ladakh, now within budget

Fancy a summer vacation in Leh? Having a shoe-string budget or difficulties in coordinating with your bike gang? Ditch all the worry and prepare yourself for a non-stop 33-hour bus journey through mountain passes. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC)  started its summer bus service to and fro bus service between Delhi-Leh via Manali. Started […]

Traipse the country through these books

Want to travel but don’t have the time, energy or the resources? No matter. Travel delights can also be found within the pages of a volume.  Fly on the wings of an author’s imagination to check out exotic locations, travel through time to discover your own city in another time zone. Or explore the world […]

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