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5 Holiday Destinations you can visit at any time of the year

Vacations & Holidays! Something we all yearn for and no matter how many times we take them, no matter the number of destinations we visit, they are seldom ever enough! Moreover, there are often times when we are really looking forward to a vacation but do not know where to go. Where to go? When […]

Relive the La La Land Experience

If you have not already seen it yet, La La Land is one of the most talked about 2016 romantic musical Hollywood movie. It has won seven Golden Globe awards already. This critically acclaimed film is considered one of the best movies in 2016. Take a walk down the Sunset Boulevard, or go on a […]

Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

The road to Wayanad in north Kerala coils serpent-like up forested mountains streaked with tumbling waterfalls. In the distance, jagged peaks reach out for the soft caress of nomadic clouds. Secreted away in the fertile folds of the hilly district is the back-to-nature Vythiri Resorts, where guests get to stay in tea planters’ cottages… and […]

It’s all Child’s Play in Dubai

Glitzy, at times brash, Dubai has a soft corner for kids. And Bollywood, too. Stir the two together and you have the very first Bollywood theme park in the world. Here kids (and adults) can watch live song and dance shows and go on interactive thrill rides based on blockbuster movies like hunting down Gabbar […]

Christmas in Nazareth

Silent night, holy night… Like the three wise men following a star, pilgrims have been following an inner calling to the Holy Land where baby Jesus was born. For over 2,000 years the simple event has been observed across the world as a season of joy – Christmas. Indeed, Christmas in Nazareth is of particular […]

A Buzzing Weekend Trek- Bee Safe!

What does one do on weekends? Catches up on sleep? Go shopping? Treat oneself to a dinner? We chose to go on a trek. And it was not just a walking trail: it was about climbing up an eroded patch and ducking under a dry yet slippery waterfall. It was one of Sahyadri’s treasures. Popularly […]

River Rafting with Kali at Dandeli

  ‘Forward!’ And our white water rafting adventure on Kali River in Dandeli, north Karnataka started in earnest. Like people possessed, we paddled furiously towards a narrow rocky outcrop through which the river tumbled downstream. The next moment the frothing rapid hurled our inflated raft around like a rag doll and for one brief moment, […]

The Girl on a trek

They say that life throws opportunities at us, and we must be quick to grasp them and experience the things we always hoped and wished for. One such opportunity came my way when friends asked me to join them for a trek to Sudhagad, a hilltop fort in the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, India. I […]

Wet and Wild in Cherrapunjee

We had been on the trail for close to an hour, our progress hampered by the rumpled terrain. We trudged gamely on through the thick forest around Cherrapunjee in the North Eastern state of Meghalaya, arguably the wettest place on earth. Sweat streamed down our brows and our eyes smarted from its salty bite. Finally, […]

Mountains are calling

In India, cine lovers have their fair share of film festivals taking place round the year. Celebrating its fifth edition this year is the Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF). Over the last five years DIFF has been bringing the world to Dharamshala. This year the festival will be held between 3rd and 6th November. Long […]

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