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Be in Beijing this July

Běijīng isn’t famed only for its ancient architecture. Seamlessly blending the ancient with the modern, home to some of the most innovative buildings in contemporary times; the world’s leading architects clamber over each other to leave their mark on China’s capital. “I am endlessly intrigued by Běijīng’s ability to reinvent itself. Spending time here is […]

Naghol Land Diving and the origins of bungee jumping

The world’s first ever bungee jump was made in Britain in 1979. Three adventurers, David Kirke, Geoff Tabin and Simon Keeling, members of the Dangerous Sports Club took the plunge from the 250 foot high Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. The idea behind this “leap of faith” was inspired by more ancient roots; a “vine […]

Oasis of the seas – A world unto itself

When Royal Caribbean International built the 16-deck ship at a cost of US$ 1.5 billion, they did not believe in half measures. The Oasis of the Seas is an embodiment of the big is beautiful philosophy. Weighing in at 220,000 tons (five times the tonnage of the Titanic) and a capacity to host 5,400-passenger, The […]

The Sweetwaters Serenade

The savannahs seemed to close in on us as we walked from our tent to the reception lounge of Sweetwaters Tented Camp in Kenya. Beyond the electric fence that encircled the camp the plains seemed to stretch forever. Out here, a wildlife film unspooled as a line of giraffes loped by to have a drink […]

The power of film & New York’s Tribeca Film Festival

New York has been a city of tribes, cultures, and nationalities and together they have made the city what it is. This seamless communal way of life was shocked and stunned on 11th September 2001 with the devastating attack on the World Trade Center. The smouldering rubble that was the communal sentiment had yet to […]

Tawang- The Road to Paradise

We had been on the road long enough to realize that schedules meant nothing; that they were made to be broken. The landscape on the road to Tawang, in the far reaches Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India, was so arrestingly beautiful that we were compelled to stop frequently, to gape, muse and pay homage to […]

Nowroze – Nuts about the Spring Festival

Nowroze, one of three New Years the Parsi Zoroastrian community in India celebrates, is all about gorging on nuts, fruits, falooda, sweets… And an upset stomach the following day. It’s a price we are more than willing to pay for the grand indulgence on the 21st of March each year. Even today, the child in […]


Young and vibrant, Sydney is a multi-ethnic city. This is your destination for music, art, and culture in Australia. Beginning April, the city will be hosting 23-day long party, featuring some of the world’s best artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Aptly termed Vivid Sydney, the party is a festival of light, music, and ideas. Sydney is […]

The Scenic Road to Pangong Tso

In a region bounded by the Karakoram range and the Greater Himalayas, mountains are a constant presence, hovering at the edge of your consciousness, imprinted in your mind’s eye, challenging yet comforting, pointing you in the right direction… Parched, barren, serrated and raked by frozen rivers, resembling the brown knuckles of an old ogre, the […]

7 Amazing Camping Sites near Mumbai

There are few other outdoor activities that are as inclusive by themselves as camping in Mumbai. Being by yourself or with friends, ensuring the next meal is well set, protecting yourself from the flora and fauna of the area you are camped at and also enjoying the tranquil sunrises and calm sunsets is sure to […]

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