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Fiesta de San Fermin OR The Spanish Bull Run

The Feast of Saint Fermin, more popularly known as the running of the bulls is a Spanish tradition that claims to honour masculinity and courage. Groups of young men race ahead of a corral of bulls unleashed into narrow alleys in Pamplona, each pitting their luck and strength by trying to outrun what might seem […]

SPAM: Tracing its journey from a “wartime delicacy” to unwanted emails

The word SPAM brings to your mind those annoying emails selling sildenafil citrate online, deposed Nigerian kings who offer you a part of their fortune for helping ship their money back, and credit card offers. But what if you were told that SPAM was a food item, a “wartime delicacy”? The journey of SPAM from […]

Sao Joao Or The Feast of St John in Goa

A feast day is not about a large celebratory meal as much as it is about an annual religious celebration in honour of a saint. Goan festivals embody the spirit of merriment, food and drink alongwith communal harmony and the Sao Joao isn’t different in that regard. On the day, 24th June, the day of […]

Ramzaan Food Walk – There’s more to it than Mohammed Ali Road

With the holy month of Ramzaan almost breathing down upon us, the city’s Muslim quarters gear up for a month of fasting and feasting. During the month that begins with the sighting of the Moon, slotted to be on the 29th of May, the faithful hold a rigorous fast through the day from the break […]

Thailand’s Full Moon Parties

Picture yourself on a beach on a moonlit night. The cool surf washes your feet as you gaze at the moon. Now add for good measure some soft white sand, pulsing music, and a few hundred party enthusiasts such as yourself. You have arrived at Thailand’s most hip and happening beach parties. The full moon […]

Tawang- The Road to Paradise

We had been on the road long enough to realize that schedules meant nothing; that they were made to be broken. The landscape on the road to Tawang, in the far reaches Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India, was so arrestingly beautiful that we were compelled to stop frequently, to gape, muse and pay homage to […]

Happy New Year

Gudi Padwa is an Indian harvest festival and marks the beginning of the spring season. India being an agricultural country this festival holds a lot of importance among the population since it also marks the start of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar. This spring festival is celebrated differently in different regions. Called […]

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More Reasons to Write

The month started with a trip to beautiful Assam and after almost two years, it greeted me quite adventurously. To work while traveling has been the only constant in my life and it has always been a good idea. Carrying the completion of this edition on my shoulders, I was elated to find inspiration in […]

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