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Amritsar, the Dhaba Capital of India

Amritsar assaulted our senses with the force of a sledgehammer – the sight of tall glasses of creamy milky lassis, sizzling jalebis, butter-rich ma ki dal simmered overnight, sinful ras malai and phirni… We sipped, savoured and gorged on all the specialities, much like survivors of a shipwreck who had suddenly found themselves in a […]

Dishing it Out in Frisco

It had a sprightly rhythm and the restlessness of an ever-crashing ocean. We were at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf where vendors hawked giant crabs from bubbling cauldrons. Haunting aromas wafted from seafood restaurants clustered along this historic waterfront, and impulsively we sampled a seafood cocktail even as the fragrance of freshly baked sourdough bread, another […]

Coorgi Palette

Visiting a new place, eating its local cuisine always gives a better essence. Coorgi cuisine has been raved about by many of my friends and it should definitely be on top of the list when you visit. Food always gives you pleasure that anything else usually fails to provide. The high of a full stomach […]

Exploring Coorg’s Flavours

Oxygen-rich air, vast greenery, relative cleanliness and local spices; Coorg is a delight for those who want to escape from the concrete jungles that cities have been converted into. Sometimes, you would want to do nothing but enjoy a weekend spending time looking at the paddy fields and various hues of green and try the […]

Delectable Dubai

Dubai is a bustling metropolis tranquilly shared by cultures from all corners of the world. This diversity expresses itself in the culinary landscape, fashion, music and performance. Although rooted in Islamic tradition, this is an open society where it’s easy for newcomers and visitors to connect with myriad experiences, be it eating like a Bedouin, […]

Size Always Matters

In Manila, eating Filipino food, I was craving for some other cuisine and  my friend took me to Size Matters. I left bewildered and full. A small outlet in Kapitolyo; this place wins accolades on my restaurant chart. I was amazed at the size of their 1/2 lb patty for their Beef-Sausage Burger. Flame Grilled […]

How to get High on Food!

Pranaay Pathak, affectionately called PP is the foodie that everybody claims to be. He is the OG of foodies. Cooking since the age of 10, PP has always been the one with ladle and gracefully serving everyone with this infectious smile. The House of Chipotle (THC) was born as a wise plan. In LA for […]

Scrumptious Shimla

Imagine the world without good food to satisfy your stomach and good places to gratify your mind. Doesn’t it sound dangerously tormenting? Well, I for one can’t imagine to live in a world like that. My entire day revolves around how do I strategically fit my meal timings to accommodate the most in the tummy. […]

A Touch of Nostalgia at Cafe Churchill

Glass tables, wooden chairs, scripted walls, old school ambiance, scrumptious food and value for money – if these are the things you’re looking for on any given day; Café Churchill is your true calling. It’s definitely not one of those attractive and uptown cafes parcelled right from Europe, but it has got its own quintessential […]

The Tasty Side of Thailand

Thailand is known for many reasons. Tourism has taken the country by storm and so has its acceptance been. Every year more and more tourists and travelers flock the country for its shopping, its night life and of course the obvious. In the two times that I have been in the country, it was the […]