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Young and vibrant, Sydney is a multi-ethnic city. This is your destination for music, art, and culture in Australia. Beginning April, the city will be hosting 23-day long party, featuring some of the world’s best artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Aptly termed Vivid Sydney, the party is a festival of light, music, and ideas. Sydney is […]

Around The Moon in 7 Days!

Space X the US based rocket company just might become the first to send travelers on a leisure flight which will go around the moon, skimming the lunar surface and back to Earth by the end of 2018. The company has announced that a couple approached them with the idea of a week long cruise. […]

The Scenic Road to Pangong Tso

In a region bounded by the Karakoram range and the Greater Himalayas, mountains are a constant presence, hovering at the edge of your consciousness, imprinted in your mind’s eye, challenging yet comforting, pointing you in the right direction… Parched, barren, serrated and raked by frozen rivers, resembling the brown knuckles of an old ogre, the […]

Traveling till the very last mile with Uber

A party with friends over drinks?Or just heading back home late from a meeting? Uber has surely become the first choice for many people today, even if they own a car! Uber definitely has gone on to become the cab service you swear by.  Just recently, Uber has announced an unprecedented partnership with Cleartrip that […]

Travelling becomes convenient with the launch of UberHIRE

The world’s largest online cab service company, Uber, has started a new service UberHire that will enable users of the app to hire a taxi for up to 12 hours in a few select cities where this service will be available. Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Pune and Kochi are the cities where this operation will be […]

7 Amazing Camping Sites near Mumbai

There are few other outdoor activities that are as inclusive by themselves as camping in Mumbai. Being by yourself or with friends, ensuring the next meal is well set, protecting yourself from the flora and fauna of the area you are camped at and also enjoying the tranquil sunrises and calm sunsets is sure to […]

5 Holiday Destinations you can visit at any time of the year

Vacations & Holidays! Something we all yearn for and no matter how many times we take them, no matter the number of destinations we visit, they are seldom ever enough! Moreover, there are often times when we are really looking forward to a vacation but do not know where to go. Where to go? When […]

Relive the La La Land Experience

If you have not already seen it yet, La La Land is one of the most talked about 2016 romantic musical Hollywood movie. It has won seven Golden Globe awards already. This critically acclaimed film is considered one of the best movies in 2016. Take a walk down the Sunset Boulevard, or go on a […]

Elon Musk picks the Bengaluru-Chennai route for India’s first Hyperloop

The Tesla founder has selected the southern route for the first development of their innovative and superfast mode of transportation. Ever since the discussion began, Hyperloop has become one of most talked about and revolutionary developments in the field of transportation. Things are expected to get more heated as today, a report in Trak.in has indicated […]

Vythiri: At Home in the Treetops

The road to Wayanad in north Kerala coils serpent-like up forested mountains streaked with tumbling waterfalls. In the distance, jagged peaks reach out for the soft caress of nomadic clouds. Secreted away in the fertile folds of the hilly district is the back-to-nature Vythiri Resorts, where guests get to stay in tea planters’ cottages… and […]

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