All you actually need is a Passport

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All you actually need is a Passport

In this edition we go a bit outside our country. The Philippines has been a beautiful part of my life and here I had an equally beautiful time going through old pictures and bringing out some heartening memories. My first trip “abroad” was Nepal and it was also where I first volunteered as a teacher. The joy of travel increases many folds when we explore it in different perspectives and even though I am a sucker for hotel rooms and room service now, I completely enjoyed the innovative ways of survival during travel. Brainstorming with my friend who was my travel companion for the last seven years, we would always find something or the other to do whilst we pitch our tent (almost literally) in a place. Many stories to follow there.

We are trying to showcase Philippines and its natural habitat in our cover story because it is so underrated. As much as I enjoyed the night life in Manila, I guess it can be easily called one of the best night lives in South East Asia. Culturally rich and still raw, you have to visit Philippines sooner than you think after reading our cover story. The journey of life continues with some beautiful souls still helping me with regaining faith in humanity. Solo travel always finds route to our lives and how! We have been seriously planning some international trips, hence a list of “what-to-pack” to make it easier for you all.

Shifting into a new home, I have never been more ready to explore more and more. I am off to Coorg and as I smell coffee and huddle up for next month’s edition, let’s make some summer travel plans.

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The sunglasses, the backpack, the ticket, my favorite songs, the journey, the destination, the people, a new dialect, the food, the sights, the lights, the nights, the mountains, the sun sets, the beach, my journal, tea, and a book; this is an assimilation of my time and space. Hailing from a quaint town called Dibrugarh in Assam, it has been imparted on me, that to travel, is to live!