Air India takes ‘fly at rail’ rates scheme to more cities

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Airindia at Rajdhani rates post 12.7.2016-01

Air India takes ‘fly at rail’ rates scheme to more cities


Why chug on rails when you can zoom in on wings? National carrier Air India has been so carried away by its idea of connecting the capital with metros at Rajdhani II AC rates that it has extended the scheme to 11 more cities.


On Sunday, AI announced that fares booked within four hours of an Air India flight to or from Delhi connecting to Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata would look something like this.



Delhi-Mumbai: Rs 2,870

Delhi-Chennai: Rs 3,905

Delhi-Bengaluru: Rs 4,020

Delhi-Kolkata: Rs 2,890



The catch – only those passengers who had booked tickets on a Rajdhani Express but couldn’t get a confirmed ticket will be able to enjoy the slashed prices.


On Monday, the carrier announced that the scheme had been expanded to include last minute travellers between Delhi and Ranchi, Delhi and Ahmedabad, Delhi and Hyderabad, Delhi and Goa, Delhi and Patna, Delhi and Raipur, and Delhi and Bhubaneswar.  11 city pairs are now covered under the AC II fare scheme.

Of course, on three city pairs – Delhi-Guwahati, Delhi-Trivandrum, and Delhi-Jammu, AI will offer AC I fares on flights four hours before departure time. In all, AI will offer these fares on over 100 flights.