A Touch of Nostalgia at Cafe Churchill

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A Touch of Nostalgia at Cafe Churchill

Glass tables, wooden chairs, scripted walls, old school ambiance, scrumptious food and value for money – if these are the things you’re looking for on any given day; Café Churchill is your true calling. It’s definitely not one of those attractive and uptown cafes parcelled right from Europe, but it has got its own quintessential charm that will take you back in the sands of time.
Owned by an ‘old by age’ but ‘young at heart’ Parsi couple, Café Churchill stands hidden in the busy streets of Colaba in Mumbai, India. You have to reach Cusrow Bagh, a quite famous old structure in Colaba and right opposite to that place, you’ll find Café Churchill hidden behind the leaves and the local street shops, welcoming you with open arms.

I had visited this place on a Sunday afternoon when the sun was shining quite aggressively making my throat crave for something to drink, along with food for my perpetually hungry stomach. Café Churchill was on my to-do list since quite some time and being in Colaba, I headed straight to the place without a second thought. The weekends (especially the evenings) can get quite crowded as the café can barely accommodate more than 25-30 people even after their strategically made seating arrangement. The manager, Suryakant welcomed me with a smile, and as I sat on one of the seats in the corner I was delighted to spot Rustomjee’s Raspberry Soda in the glass refrigerator, that I barely find anywhere in Mumbai these days. The menu was quite prodigious offering plentiful of options right from Seafood to Continental to newly added Parsi dishes. Sipping on soda, I ordered for Baked Cheddar Chicken and Country Style Mixed Grill for lunch. I looked around to find delightful pieces of the menu written all over the walls with ‘Highlights of the Day’ emphasized on one of the easy spottable corners. I didn’t have to wait long for the platter of chicken drowned in cheese with good portion of mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables to appear in front of my hungry eyes. From the smell I could tell, the dish was a good decision and as I had the first bite of chicken mixed with cheese oozing from every side, my notion only got confirmed. The Country Style Mixed Grill that was served next wasn’t a bad choice as well. It constituted of grilled chicken breast and spicy chicken salami and sausage cooked in chef’s own grilled sauce garnished with boiled egg. The meat was tender and the brown sauce synced perfectly with the rest on the plate. The chef knows how to give a tinge of individuality to every dish without disrupting its original taste. I ended the meal with an Irish Coffee cheesecake that perfectly complimented my meal. It melted seamlessly in the mouth tantalizing every of my taste buds.

The tummy and I were immensely happy after such a delectable lunch from one of the iconic cafes that is fondly said to be ‘frozen in time’. I’m definitely visiting again pretty soon to try their Cordon Bleu and Penne in Prawn Newberg Sauce this time.

If you’re visiting Mumbai or living here and haven’t got an opportunity to visit this quaint eatery, put this restaurant in your ‘Places to Go’ list right away. Life is too short to not eat good food.

Shramona Poddar

Shramona Poddar

She is a lover of dogs, dance and drama. With a fascination for photography; she has a habit of turning her eye-shot into frames all the time. A sucker for good conversations and good humour, she chooses food over dude any day. A believer of serendipity with an itchy feet, she works hard to make her life brighter than sunshine.