7 Amazing Camping Sites near Mumbai

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7 Amazing Camping Sites near Mumbai

There are few other outdoor activities that are as inclusive by themselves as camping in Mumbai. Being by yourself or with friends, ensuring the next meal is well set, protecting yourself from the flora and fauna of the area you are camped at and also enjoying the tranquil sunrises and calm sunsets is sure to get you completely relaxed and at peace with yourself.

It is said that camping for a week without any digital gadgetry is the best way to reset the body clock naturally; something we all need in the present always connecting age. Moreover, the activities that camping involves is only going to add to the fun factor of the experience. It does not matter if you are a nature lover or not, the following ten camping destinations near Mumbai are sure to make you want to experience the thrill of camping at least once!


Beach Camping at Kashid

Kashid Beach CampingSource

Normally, camping and beaches are not known together but Kashid will let you do EXACTLY that! Far from being a regular camping or beach holiday destination, Kashid has a unique blend of experiences to offer. From stargazing, barbeques and bon fire parties at night to getting yourself wet and enjoying beach volley ball during the day. This unique campsite near Mumbai has the best of both worlds! There are also some adventure and water sport activities that you can indulge in while you are camping at Kashid.

Jungle Camping at Bhandardara

Bhandardara CampingSource

Situated near the banks of the Arthur Lake, you can also enjoy the serene and breathtaking nature trails in the area. The area almost becomes an island when the water level of the lake starts to rise. Bhandardara is a 200km drive from Mumbai and is essentially a flat region once you reach up. It will offer the best of views of nature. And all this while, you can enjoy light treks, fix yourself a barbecue meal or just relax on the soft grass while enjoying mind-blowing views of the Milky Way above on days when it is not raining.

Quick Camping at Khopoli

Khopoli Camping

For those who have limited time to spare, Khopoli is an ideal camping location. Situated just 3 hours from Mumbai, you can ideally reach Khopoli by early afternoon and then camp there for the night. Enjoy a self-cooked barbecue meal for dinner and call it a night amongst the serenity under a blanket of a billion stars! Next morning you can enjoy a walk along the nature trails and call it a day.

Untouched Nature Camping at Vasind

Vasind CampingSource

Sit in a hilltop tent, sip your coffee and do nothing but gaze at the beautiful sunset; all this in a place that is completely untouched! How does that sound? Exciting? Amazing? Well make it better by visiting this untouched paradise on earth. Situated miles away from the chaos and pollution of Mumbai, Vasind is surely going to be a serene and tranquil experience on any weekend.

River Camping at Kolad

Kolad CampingSource

Another unique experience which will allow you to enjoy two different experiences at the same time is River camping at Kolad. Set your tents on the banks of the Kundalika River and enjoy a blissful feel of the country side. The location of this place is often referred to as a nature lover’s paradise. Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri mountain range, the view here is picturesque as it is thrilling. Relax here in lush greenery and you will experience calmness like no other! For the adventure lovers, rafting along the exciting river currents and other thrilling adventure sports are sure to give you a much needed adrenalin rush.

Explore the Unknown while Camping at Shirota

Shirota CampingSource

If you are amongst those who are fascinated by the unexplored lands, then Shirota is the place to be. Scenic, Panoramic, Tranquil and Intriguing place we know as Shirota in Maharashtra. A paradise for camping lovers from all walks of life, Shirota is one place departing from which will never be easy. The captivating sights, the lush forests and the joy of togetherness with friends, family or that special one are just something that are sure to bring you back here again and again. For those are looking for some sports, you can enjoy trekking or even go Kayaking. And if you still do get bored, sit patiently fishing in the Shirota lake for the night’s meal!

Feel fresh breathing in rare flowers; Camping at the Kaas Plateau in Satara

Kaas Plateau CampingSource

One of the most beautiful and scenic camping spots near Mumbai, the Kaas Plateau is a flower sanctuary of sorts. There are many unique flowers that grow only in that part of the world. There are vast open plains where you can enjoy endless treks and go crazy with your cameras. And if that were not enough, there’s also the serene and breathtaking Koyna Lake where you can enjoy the evening relaxing as the sun slowly sets. The best times to trek and go camping on the Kaas Plateau is between the months of August and October. With blooming flowers spread across acres and acres of land, this place is one that will be etched in your memories for a long time to come.

Best of many Worlds; Camping at Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad CampingSource

Enjoy Valley Crossing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking and more; And all this at one single destination while camping at Harishchandragad! This place is one that offers many different experiences all while you enjoy majestic views of the landscapes, mountains and more! Evenings can be spent dancing with your mates around a bonfire and some delicious meals. And finally, slowly shut your eyes while you are calm and cozy underneath a blanket of a billion stars to gaze at!


Camping is one activity that is sure to rejuvenate anyone and everyone. What’s more, it not only brings you closer to nature but also helps you disconnect from the monotony we call life!



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