A Step Forward

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A Step Forward

This edition will take you for a walk in nature. Our trip to Coorg was of course brilliant considering we caught the first rains.

We welcome Aparna as our Consulting Editor and we couldn’t be happier with how things are turning up. She brings in a lot more clarity and character. We are already excited about the next edition.

We tried to be environmental friendly and give you stories keeping that in mind. We are vigorously trying to promote ‘Conscious Traveling’ and the effort is on wherever we go. Our cover story on Coorg will give you all major travel goals and the ‘African Adventure” will make you go on one yourself. Travel is a lifestyle is what we live on and Hanna’s story wanted us to live in a scuba suit, forever.

Giving a bath to the elephants has me fascinated since I was younger and nothing has changed. The same amazement and excitement followed whilst doing our photo story on Dhananjay.

We are going over a small makeover. And we are busy making travel plans.
Where are u off to?

We are expanding our network and we need travelers, writers, photographers and videgraphers. Share your stuff with us on ask@mywanderlust.com

Come travel with us soon.

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The sunglasses, the backpack, the ticket, my favorite songs, the journey, the destination, the people, a new dialect, the food, the sights, the lights, the nights, the mountains, the sun sets, the beach, my journal, tea, and a book; this is an assimilation of my time and space. Hailing from a quaint town called Dibrugarh in Assam, it has been imparted on me, that to travel, is to live!