10 Places That Will Make Your Vacation In Ras Al Khaimah Complete

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10 Places That Will Make Your Vacation In Ras Al Khaimah Complete

Travelers looking for a destination with year-round sunshine, sweeping white sandy beaches, soft adventure and world class resorts, Ras Al Khaimah welcomes you with open arms.

A unique destination for visitors of all ages, this Emirate boasts of beautiful mountains, red sandy desert and lush green plains along with a series of creeks and lagoons. It has a rich heritage dating back 5,000 years, which manifests in numerous historical sites, forts and abandoned villages. The Emirati culture is omnipresent in Ras Al Khaimah and you will be welcomed with warm Arabic hospitality wherever you go.

Ras Al Khaimah offers a variety of entertainment and relaxation facilities including exclusive hotels and resorts, international cuisine restaurants and selective spas, all at great value for money.

Here are ten best places you can go to when you visit this beautiful city.

1. National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah
The National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah is located in the western part of Ras Al Khaimah city in a fort that was the residence of the ruling family until the early 1960s. It houses a collection of archaeological and ethnological artifacts. The Qawasim Room on the first floor contains documents, manuscripts and treaties between the rulers of Ras Al Khaimah and the UK Government, as well as some traditional weapons belonging to the ruling family.
The museum’s exhibits feature discoveries from the earliest settlers to the late Islamic period. Traditional life in Ras al Khaimah is the highlight of the ethnographical display. You will learn about architecture, pearl diving, date agriculture, farming and fishing in the various galleries.

2. Dhayah Fort

History of Ras Al Khaimah

Dhayah Fort

Perhaps the only hilltop fort still standing in the UAE, Dhayah Fort is located to the north of the Al Rams town. The place was used by ancient tribes as an armed zone and to ward off invaders. Though the fort can hold only a limited number of people, it has proven to be quite successful both militarily and historically in case of guerilla fights to combat invaders.
As you climb to the top, it is not the history but the fantastic view that will keep you riveted to the spot. The place offers a rich scenic view involving lush green palm trees below, the blue waters of the Persian Gulf to one side and the dramatic Hajjar Mountains flanking the other.

3. Iceland Water Park

Escaping from the heat, Iceland Water Park offers thrilling amusement to visitors of all ages. With a wide variety of games, water slides and an extensive food court, Iceland is all about having a fun time.
The park also boasts of the world’s tallest man made waterfall, with facilities for guests to actually be in the midst of it!


4. ‘Prince of Sea’ Boat Excursion
T_ImgGallBig2411201171555Named after the first Arab seaman Ahmad bin Majid, the “Prince of Sea” is a motorized yacht which offers visitors a variety of sailing trips around the coast of Ras Al Khaimah. It introduces you to an amazing sailing journey with valuable heritage and Arabian hospitality.
With various excursions in the daytime, sunset and dinner, the cruises offer visitors various activities covering swimming, snorkeling and the opportunity of spotting one of the rare green turtles at Al Marjan Island, while enjoying delicious barbequed seafood, and watching a folklore show featuring a belly dancer.


5. Khatt Springs

A natural hot spring, Khatt Springs is renowned for its healing properties. The waters, rich in mineral content, reach a depth of 90 feet underground and with temperatures approaching 40°C degrees, can cure a number of skin ailments and problems associated with rheumatic disease. Khatt Springs also offer additional Ayurvedic spa treatments which are complemented by the thermal water. With private pools, treatment rooms and a café offering a variety of refreshments, visitors to Khatt’s Hot Springs can enjoy one of Ras Al Khaimah’s most famous picnic locations.


6. Microlight trip at Jazirah Aviation Club

A truly amazing experience awaiting Ras Al Khaimah visitors is to fly with a micro-light aircraft as well as powered parachutes and enjoy scenic views of the desert, the white sandy beach, the turquoise sea and the majestic mountain.


7. Trip with Seawings
Experience the Seawings Urban Experience – a seaplane adventure which takes off from the pristine shores of Ras Al Khaimah on an exciting aerial tour of the city, giving you picturesque views of the Hajar Mountains, the desert and the clear blue Arabian Gulf, as well as the rich culture and heritage of the emirate. It is priced at AED 1295 per person.


8. Mountain Activity at Jais Mountain (Hiking, Trekking and more)
The guide will lead you on the trek where you will explore an abandoned village, traditional old houses, water wells, mountain field systems and beautiful scenery and views.
Difficulty level: Beginner.
Dress code: Sportswear, sport shoes, hat.


9. Nature Reserve Area at Banyan Tree Al Wadi (Falcon Show, Horse Ride and more)


Falcon Show

Falconry is one of the famous traditions in the region. Ras Al Khaimah hosts a unique falcon and raptor display at the first desert spa resort in the Middle East – the Banyan Tree Al Wadi.
Featuring the region’s diverse collection of falcons, hawks, kestrels, owls and eagles, you can choose to be a part of the action at the Falconry Deck or just sit back and be amazed. Resident professional falconers fly their team of dedicated birds of prey using both traditional Arabic and “modern” Western techniques. A tour of the world-class Falconry Mews and Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre is the perfect way to round off this one-of-a-kind experience.


10. Bedouin Oasis Desert Camp or Bassata Desert Camp


Belly Dancing in the desert

The Bedouin Oasis is an authentic, one of a kind desert camp, which takes inspiration from the traditional lifestyle of the Bedous (nomadic tribes).
An evening in the Bedouin Oasis is all about discovering an ancient desert lifestyle, getting close to nature and having a relaxed evening, while indulging in the delicious local cuisine. You can also visit the Bassata Desset Camp for an ultimate desert experience. Enjoy a wide range of traditional Arabic activities including dune bashing, belly dancers, Arabic Tanoura, camel riding as well as Arabic barbecue.

Marhabba to all of you :)

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